TOKYO-GA meets NYPH 2012

「東京画」がNew York Photo Festival 2012への出展が決定。

Announcing featured photographers in "TOKYO-GA meets NEW YORK PHOTO FESTIVAL 2012"

[Nominated Photographers in TOKYO]

Michel FRAPIER / Taishi HIROKAWA / Gentaro ISHIZUKA / Junpei KATO /
Haruna KAWANISHI / Yasutaka KOJIMA / Edward LEVINSON / Mitsugu OHNISHI / Koji ONAKA /
Takehito SATO / Tatsuya SHIMOHIRA / Vincent SOULIE / Jérémie SOUTEYRAT /
Masayoshi SUKITA / Takeshi SUMI / Yukinori TOKORO / Masami YAMAMOTO / Hiroshi YODA

[Nominated Photographers in New York]

Navid BARATY / Renato D'AGOSTIN / James Whitlow DELANO / Ilse LEENDERS /
Christopher MORRIS / Tom PRIOR / Michael WOLF

この度、「東京画」はNew York Photo Festival 2012(2012年5月16日 - 20日 / New York・ブルックリン ダンボ地区)に参加する運びとなりました。

展示総数点数 53点(予定)のコンパクトではあるものの、「東京画」の多様性を伝える内容になります。

「TOKYO-GA meets NYPH 2012」はまさにそのスタートライン、ニューヨークでの発信を皮切りに、

"TOKYO-GA" will proudly exhibit at this year's "NEW YORK PHOTO FESTIVAL 2012" which will take place from May 16th to 20th at the Dumbo area in Brooklyn, NY.
The exhibition venue for "TOKYO-GA" has been confirmed and preparations of exhibit works, presentation, and application for the lecture program during the show are now in progress.

Today, we would like to introduce the confirmed exhibiting photographers. Selected 18 photographers from Tokyo, along with nominated 7 photographers from New York, a total of 25 artists will be exhibiting their "TOKYO-GA". (53 works altogether will be exhibited)

Great involvement from local photographers, publishers, galleries, and journalists has made it possible to have "TOKYO-GA" meets New York Photo Festival 2012". Starting by the opening at New York, the exhibition is already considered to have a tour across America.

We hope to evolve a value and an appeal of photograph, and have a success in our first milestone project in New York. We are aiming to provide the true worth of "TOKYO-GA" to the worldwide photograph scene from this exhibition.


TOKYO-GA meets NYPH 2012

会期:May 16th (wed) - 20th (sun), 2012
展示会場:111 Front Street, Suite 216. Brooklyn

国内外より参加写真家が 56 名にまで集まった「東京画」の作品の中から
「東京画 meets NYPH2012」 は東京-ニューヨーク間の対話から生まれる新しいかたちの展覧会、
「東京」、「ニューヨ ーク」、「写真」、「アイデンティティ」そして「都市論」...、さまざまなキーワードと視座から

Team of curators from Tokyo will be presenting "TOKYO-GA" from 56 local and overseas participating photographers to New York.
This is a bland new form of exhibition coming from the dialogue between Tokyo and New York. Also, 7 nominated photographers from New York have joined this project and will be exhibiting their "TOKYO-GA". Expect to see "TOKYO-GA" from an external perspective.

Aside from displaying exhibited works on the wall, an artist file, presentation on ipad, and lecture programs from curators and participating artists are also planned. "Tokyo", "New York", "Photograph", "Identity", "City theory"... these keywords along with various aspects will be discussed through photograph as a common language. Expect some future-oriented communication between Tokyo and New York.


コーディネーター:コリーヌ・タピア(Corinne TAPIA) SOUS LES ETOILES GALLERY

協賛:FOREST AMONG US サポーティングサークル** / 株式会社クレー・インク

** 本プロジェクトの趣旨に賛同する支援者によるサークル。アートと文化の発展を期待する個人、任意の団体の寄附によってファンドを構築しています。


Chief Curator : Naoko OHTA (Commissioner)
Associate Curator : Shuhei OKAYAMA (Member of Commissioner's Board)

Coordinator : Corinne TAPIA (Commissioner of TOKYO-GA in United States and Director of SOUS LES ETOILES GALLERY, NY)

Supported by FOREST AMONG US Supporting Circle** / KLEE INC PARIS TOKYO

** The project is carried out by funds donated from individuals and groups supporting the project and searching for a development of arts and culture.

Production Partner: Canon Inc.


Email : info@klee.co.jp


FOREST AMONG USコミッショナーズボード

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Tel: 03-5410-1277 / Fax: 03-5410-1278


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